Bunting by Jen: the bunting service you need to know about

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Jen, who is based in Wiltshire, is a wedding supplier I connected with during a wedding Twitter chat hour a few weeks ago. I was very intrigued about Jen’s business and asked her about her story of how she came to create Bunting by Jen. After a bit of chat with Jen and then me scoping out her website, not to mention, a bit of stalking on Instagram, I decided I just had to share her with all of you. 

Decorations for your wedding can really stack up, which is why I often blog about creating DIY decorations and buying second hand items, plus I often post pictures of bargain items I find on the high-street to Twitter and Instagram. However, amongst all the posts on this blog featuring budget friendly suppliers, I’ve not featured many who create and supply decorations for the frugal conscious engaged.  So, what more perfect reason did I need for featuring the fabulous Jen and her bunting hire business. 


Bunting by Jen

Jen was asked to make bunting for her sisters’ wedding back in 2014; she ended up making 150 meters of the stuff, and was then left wandering what to do with all of it when the festivities of the day were over.

Researching into bunting hire services in her area, Jen realised there was a gap in the market, and then after more research she discovered there was a demand for a bunting hire service. Et Voila – Bunting by Jen was born.

Jen is a lady after my own heart, in that she understands frugality.
“I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and understand how expensive weddings can be. I wanted to make my products available to anyone no matter how big or small their budget. This is why I have chosen to keep my prices as low as possible to help you plan your perfect day.” – Jen

So now you know about Jen and how she started her business, how does the bunting hire work? 

If you opt for the ‘Bunting in a Box’ option, you choose which bunting from the ready made range you want and how much of it you want. Jen then boxes the bunting with everything you need to put it up at your venue and sends it to you. When you’re done, you take the bunting down and send everything back. New designs and colour combinations are being added all the time to the ready to go options available. 

Alternatively, you could commission Jen to create custom bunting for which Jen would quote you based on your specification. I love the idea of having the bunting from your wedding day decorate the baby nursery afterwards. It is also nice to get your wedding bunting back out when you have anniversary parties years later. Bunting isn’t hard to store and doesn’t take up much space, but if buying bunting for your wedding just isn’t for you then Jen’s hire service is absolutely perfect. 

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If you fancy having a crack at making your own bunting you can see one of my posts from the archive of when I created some. My sister and I created bunting using the colour scheme or green, bronze and cream. At the time, back in 2012 this was the budget option available to me. After buying everything I needed, all the fabric and supplies, not to mention the sewing machine! I would have been much better off had a hire service been available. 

To connect with Jen and do some stalking of your own…
Bunting by Jen
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