How we haven’t celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Kinda not celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary

2 years ago today I went from a Miss to a Mrs when I married the man I love more than biscuits. I love looking back at pictures from our wedding day, but even more than that I really enjoy looking at pictures of the things we have done together since we promised our lives to each other.

For our first anniversary we bought each other paper gifts and 1st anniversary cards. We took a trip into town where we ate blue ice cream and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Last year we felt we had properly celebrated our anniversary. We took pictures of ourselves with the gifts we gave each other and took pictures of ourselves eating our anniversary meal.

So, that was last year, what’s been happening since?

In the past 12 months, I paid for him to have a drifting experience for his birthday in January, we went Zip-lining in Wales with some friends for my birthday, we have both made big career changes and have taken tips to Devon and Cornwall. What we have not done, is bought a house, which is something this time last year we thought we would definitely have done by now. We may still be living with family, and saving hard, but we are really close now! We have made quite a lot of sacrifices in our bid to get ourselves on the property ladder, including not buying anything that isn’t a necessity or something that is could make use of / need.

As we are trying to follow the traditional anniversary gifts as per the list I posted last year, this year we were to get each other cotton gifts. After thinking quite a lot about possible gift ideas, I came to the conclusion that pretty much every idea I came up with was a useful gift, such as a new bedding set or a new shirt. Eventually, he told me he would like me to buy him some thermals. I was dead set against this idea. Thermals?? As an present to celebrate two years since our wedding day?? Uh, No!


But, he kept saying that was what he wanted, and persuading me with his argument that there was no point buying each other gifts that we wouldn’t use. Plus, although I liked the ideas of getting him something such as a lovely cotton cushion or a framed cotton print, let’s face it, we live with my sister. We don’t really have anywhere to put the cushion or to hang the print, so why get something like that for it to just go into storage with the rest of our stuff in the spare room of my parents house?

So… you guessed it, I bought him some thermals, from Heat Holders, and they’re 47% cotton. He works outside now, and so they will come in very handy in the cold winter months. Maybe not the most romantic of gifts at first sight, but what can be more loving than making sure your Husband, is comfortable and warm? With this thinking, I picked out some pyjamas (I checked the label, they’re 99% cotton), and some new slouchy, wearing around the house comfy bottoms (58% cotton according to the label) for him to buy me. Last year, the gifts we got each other were a total surprise. I like gifts to be a surprise. Next year, is leather, so I’m hoping we can do surprise gifts for each other next year.

We swapped gifts on Saturday, and yesterday he treated me to a Carvery for Sunday dinner. I was planning on setting the dining table really nice and cooking a steak dinner for when he comes home from work today, but we have cancelled that idea because he has been hit down with the common cold. He has bravely gone to work today, even though he is dying with man flu, and says he doesn’t want me to cook him a special dinner tonight because his cold means he won’t be able to fully appreciate it. Therefore, as we have already swapped gifts, we aren’t actually doing anything to actually celebrate our anniversary today.

We may not feel like we’re really celebrating it properly this year, but what we are doing is right for us right now. We both have a shared vision of what we are doing to get to where we want to be, and that, to me, is what I want right now.

I love him more than biscuits, and he loves me more than pizza, which is saying A LOT!

Have you had an anniversary you kinda, didn’t celebrate? What were the reasons you didn’t celebrate it in the way you would have liked if things were different?

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