Amazing finds in the January Sales

There is one big reason that I love January. The January sales!

If you work the sales right, you can pick up everything from a wedding dress to stationary pieces at very discounted prices. Plus, with the advent of the internet, sales shopping is so much easier than it used to be! You don’t even need to traipse around the shops to pick out some amazing bargains to help you come in under budget.

If you are able to pick up pieces for your wedding day under budget what would you do with the money saved

Put the money towards another part of your wedding day so you can splash out a little more in that areaOr would you keep it in the bank to spend on something non-wedding relatedWhatever you may choose to do with the money saved from sale shopping, we can all agree there isn’t much that will give you a better feeling than finding a beautiful gem at a cost lower than you’d budgeted.

I thought I would search the internet to find some of the best bargains on the web to share with you. *please bear in mind that my finds are right to the time of publishing this post

Images are not linked to websites as in my experiences those types of links change quickly and therefore aren’t reliable. Hopefully the information in the images below will enable you to find the items on the company’s website easily.

I love the cap sleeves, keyhole opening in the back and the beautifully placed sequins on this Phase Eight Bridal dress. 

nyelle layered wedding dress - from phase eight_ january sales finds

This vintage glamour bohemian style wedding dress really has the wow factor, and is one of my favourite bridal dresses I’ve ever seen sold by a non wedding dedicated high-street retailer. The stunning puddle train is something rarely found on a dress in this price range.

florence embellished bridal maxi dress from monsoon

Who knew Dorothy Perkins did wedding dresses?? I know I had no clue until doing my research for this post. Their dresses are, as you would expect aimed at the low budget end of the budget pricing scale, however they seem like wonderful dresses for the price. This ‘Valentina’ dress has a real Meghan Markle feel in its simplicity and is at just £90.00 right now which makes it a real steal!  

white bridal valentina maxi dress dorothy perkins

I thought I would throw a Bridesmaids dress into the mix too. I found loads of great bridesmaids dresses in the sales, but thought I would share this one. £70 is a good price for a bridesmaid already, but £35 in the sale is even better! This style of dress would suit so many different wedding styles and is available in four different colours. 

dorothy perkins thyme 'grace' maxi bridesmaid dress

There are so many amazing finds for your wedding that you can pick up from high street shops and from the websites of high street retailers. Don’t be afraid to look on the websites of your favourite clothes shops to see if they have the perfect bridesmaid dress, wedding dress or Groomsmen attire, as you may well be very pleasantly surprised.

However, if going high street isn’t for you, I am a big advocate for buying a pre-loved wedding dress or hitting the sample sale ranks in any Bridal shop. Also, don’t be afraid to book an appointment with a charity wedding dress shop as you can find wonderful donated wedding dresses, I donated my wedding dress to a charity shop after my wedding, which was something I wasn’t planning on doing prior to getting married but just felt the right thing to do afterwards.



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