DIY: Making a Fiddle Board

DIY Fiddle Board blog header making a fiddle board for my son; a Montessori play idea. mumminonabudget

If you follow me on Facebook, Insta or Twitter you may have seen in my stories and on my wall, pictures of the fiddle board I’ve made for my son.

A few weeks ago I asked my husband to make one. We sat and looked at ideas online and I drew out what I would like to have on the board, but the husband said he had too many other projects on at the moment. So I asked my Dad, he also has a lot of projects on. So I decided I would make it myself!

Fiddle boards are based on the Montessori appraoch of giving babies and children real world items to play with and are ideal for babies once they are able to confidently sit unaided. R is 7 months, has been sitting unaided for 2 months and confidently pulls himself up to kneeling, meaning he is at the ideal developmental stage for an activity board.

I’m no stranger to be a bit of crafting and DIY as you will know if you’ve seen my posts on creating pom pom buttonholes or the time I created my own DIY wedding invitations. How hard could it be?

The first item I sourced was a board left over from when the husband built an under stair storage unit (which I may write about in a post soon), and then I took the little one to B&Q where I bought:

  • 1 wheel £2.90
  • 1 double light switch £3.47
  • 1 furniture pull handle £4.38
  • 1 plumbers T shape pipe £4.20
  • 1 door chain £5.12
  • 1 misc

At screwfix I picked up a pack of spring door stops for £5.49. My shopping finished on ebay with two chunky plastic zips for £1.99 per zip and a foam clock for £1.49.

I decided to use paint we already had from when we decorated our house in January 2019.

Total: £31.03

DIY home made Fiddle board in the planning stage

With all the items at home I started to plan out where I wanted to put each thing, then the DIY got under way!

The husband set me up in his workshop with the tools and PPE I would need and I set to work creating a cut out hole to recess the lightswitch into. That wasn’t the easiest of tasks as all I had to do it was a drill, enter me drilling a hole in each corner of the square I’d marked out, then drilling holes in the hope they’d join together. This worked better than I thought it would, meaning two taps with a hammer to break the small areas i couldn’t drill out and the recess hole was made.

I then used an electric sander to sand all edges and round off the corners. Two coats of paint took 3 days to dry out in the workshop due to the wet March weather we’ve had.

Attaching each item was fairly easy. Once I was satisfied the board was complete and safe for my son to play with it, I hooked it over the hand gap on the draw of our understair storage unit and sat my son in front of it. So far it has been complete for 5 days and both my 7mo son and 1 year old nephew have got enjoyment from it.

There is space to add extra items to it in future if I wish and I will happily remove items and replace with new things to keep the board fresh and interesting.

Tools and supplies I used:

  • Wood glue
  • Electric sander
  • Electric drill
  • Screw driver
  • Screws
  • Cable tie
  • Scissors
  • Face mask
  • Goggles
  • Pencil
  • Grinder (grinding off screw lengths that stuck out the back of the board)
  • Paint brush
  • Confidence

If you have made one I would love to see a picture of what you included on the board. How did you go about making yours? What toys or activities have you DIYd for your little one/s?

DIY fiddle board _ how I went about making a DIY fiddle board for my son. with costings.

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