Guest Post: How Can Millennials Give Back On A Budget

Guest blog post by Valentina Wilson of Best Debt Consolidation. Valentina is based in the USA and her mission is to help people become debt free.

How Millennials give back on a budget _ Guest post from Valentina Wilson of Best Debt Consolidation on

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

                                                                Booker T. Washington

Yes, it’s true! And therein lies the importance of giving back to the community! This art of giving back and gifting is known as “philanthropy”.

You know what? Spending time enriching your community can expand your perspective about the world! Besides, you can get a unique idea about life by serving people around you. And that’s important for your community too! It helps to eradicate various social problems and increase wellness in society!

In this context, let me tell you, Gen X peeps or millennials are giving back more to the community! Don’t believe me? A 2019 Forbes report shows that millennials in our country are becoming philanthropic. In fact, they are the future of fundraising!

But always remember, don’t do anything by busting your budget! No matter what, you need to stick to your budget for leading a financially stable life! So, here we have listed some of the best possible ways to give back but without busting your budget!

Donate your time

Time is the most valuable thing in our life. It’s one of those things which we can’t get back. You can volunteer in various places like schools, homeless shelters, etc.

Do you need more ideas about where you should volunteer? If yes, check websites like,, etc. You can find various ways to volunteer that suit your age and abilities!

Promote your local businesses

Perhaps, the best way to support your community is to help out businesses in your area. You can support the hard-working farmers by shopping at your local farmers’ market.

To learn more about the markets in your area, check out the local food directories of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Or, you can join a community-supported agriculture program.

Donate to holiday food drives

Well, during the holiday season, you may find many businesses, community centers, schools, etc. organize food drives. Usually, they collect unopened, non-perishable canned and boxed foods for local food banks. So, when you go shopping next time, buying some extra stuff can bring a smile to someone’s face!

Besides, you can volunteer in one of the food banks. You can play an active role in reducing food waste and supporting needy people. So, find the local food banks to donate to and if you want, you can volunteer too!

Join a community garden

A community garden is a piece of land managed by a group of folks. You may find allotment gardens where individuals give their small plots where you can plan what you want and keep your harvest.

In other types of community gardens, a large garden is shared by all members of the group and the harvest is shared equally among them!

This way, you can impart your gardening skills to others and vice versa! You can also help grow fresh produce for the community. You can share the extra produce with the needy in the area.

And guess what? You are growing your own produce and that too with shared tools and supplies. So, undoubtedly, you don’t have to bust your budget for giving back!

Plan a community cleanup

It’s a great way to give back to your community by making it a better place to live! Call on your friends, neighbours, and co-workers to join the cleanup effort.

First, you need to determine a site that needs environmental maintenance. Most likely, publicly accessible areas like beaches, parks, playgrounds, streets, etc. will need a cleanup!

You can ask the volunteers to bring standard cleanup materials like garbage bags, trash pickers, grabbers, heavy-duty gloves, etc. from their house. Doing so, you won’t have to buy the cleanup materials. Thereby, no question of busting your budget!

Donate on your credit card rewards

Do you use a credit card? If so, you might have stacked cashback, miles or other reward points by swiping your credit card.

What if you can donate them to charity?

Yes, you heard it right! To do so, go to your loyalty program’s charity page and log in to your account. You can donate to big non-profits like Red Cross, UNICEF, etc.

Your reward points will be deducted from your balance. You will get a confirmation letter from your loyalty program or the charity.

However, make sure to use your credit cards wisely! Else, you might end up being debt-trapped! By the way, if you are already debt-trapped, you can find some effective ways to consolidate debts and pay off your debts with ease.

Download charitable apps

Millennials are much savvier when it comes to giving back online! You can install charitable apps in your smartphone, like:

Charity Miles: You can donate money to charity for every mile of activity.

Donate a Photo: Do you love to take photos? If yes, you can give it back with that! Send photos to Johnson & Johnson’s (sponsor of the app) website through this app. The company will donate $1 for every photo you send.

So, what are you waiting for? Help and support your community to grow by giving back. And obviously without busting your budget!

                                                          ——— End ———–

Thank you to Valentina for this fantastic guest post! All links that go outside of are Valentina’s links, and all ideas and opinions are hers. 

You can visit:
The Best Debt Consolidation website
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How can Millennials give back on a budget _ guest post from Valentina Wilson of Best Debt Consolidation

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