Baby Led Weaning Meal Ideas

baby led weaning meal ideas. 8 meal ideas from sayidoonabudget

My Little R is now 9 months old and we gave him his first solid food when he was 5 months. For the first 4 weeks the majority of the food we gave him was mashed, but when he hit 6 months we switched to baby led and haven’t looked back!

R likes to feed himself, he resents being spoon fed but tolerates it for things like Weetabix or custard. Baby led weaning has been a learning curve for the husband and I and a source of anxiety for the husband on occasions but our son is so happy and loves his meals times. In a previous post on baby led weaning back in February I detailed our early journey.

Now I’m going to share with you some of the meals I’ve served up for R and I as him and I eat the same meals, with just the occasional tweak for how R has it.

Pizza Toast 

This is a real favourite and perfect to serve to your little one if you are eating actual pizza. Butter your toast, then spread tomato puree over the slice before adding your toppings. I’ve done plain cheese, cheese and worcester sauce and cheese and mushroom so far. Then cook under the grill to melt the cheese a bit. Stringy cheese such as mozzarella can be difficult for little ones so you may want to avoid using it. Depending on the age of the child you are serving it to, you may want to cut the pizza toast into fingers or bite sized squares.

baby led weaning meal ideas pizza toast from

Salmon and Couscous

R loves salmon. I’ve served salmon with various other foods, but one of our favourite combo’s is cooked salmon, avocado, roasted sweet potato and couscous.

Roasted Root Veg Medley

Roasted root vegetables is a favourite for both R and I. At least once a week I will roast various root veg and serve with foods such as avocado, couscous, cooked mushrooms, cooked salmon. Sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots and parsnips are all good.

baby led weaning meal ideas roasted root veg medley from

Falafel Pittas 

I will toast some pitta breads and fill then with hummus, falafels and salad items for myself, but for R I serve him some toasted pitta fingers spread with some hummus with falafels and salad fingers (cucumber is always a winner!) on the side.

Scrambled Egg with Toast

This is as simple as it sounds and can make a great breakfast or lunch. Here I served squares of toast with scrambled egg (in large chunks), cooked mushrooms and avocado. All served in a way that makes it easy for R to pick up and feed to himself. I had all of the same items but on top of full slices of toast.

baby led weaning meal ideas scrambled egg and toast from


The crust can be difficult to manage, so you may want to remove the crust or choose a crustless quiche. This one can be rather messy, but that’s all part of the fun of weaning
Quiche can be served with anything, but I tend to choose a veggie quiche and serve it on its own.

Cottage Pie

Cottage/Shephards pie depending on which mince you use can be served to your little one with a couple tweaks. We use a flavour packet mix when making ours, but I thought the salt content would be too high for R, therefore this is how I made our meal…

Cooked off the mince in a frying pan. Separated a small amount of the mince into a separate pan for R. Added onion and flavour mix to our mince. Cooked the vegetables (mixed frozen veg). Separated some for R and put the rest in an oven proof dish. Cooked the potatoes and mashed them adding some butter to the mash. Separated some for R. Put everything into an oven proof dish and popped in the oven to finish. Put a small amount of hot water on R’s mince and veg prior to serving so it wasn’t too dry.

If your little one struggles to pick the food up the way it is shown in the picture below you can combine the mince and veg with the mashed potato which will make it easier to pick up.

baby led weaning meal ideas cottage pie from

Chilli Con Carne 

I cooked the beef mince then separated some for R in a different pan. I grated a small amount of onion for R and chopped the rest for us. Added the onion into the respective pans, and some tomato passata and the chili con carne flavour mix into ours but not R’s. I mashed some beans using the back of a teaspoon from the tin of 5 beans for R and combined together  and allowed to cook for a little longer.

For R I served his chilli with some squares of toast. I posted about this meal on my Insta account for which you can see a link to when following the picture below.

baby led weaning meal ideas chilli con carne from

Baby Led Weaning Meal Ideas from



2 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning Meal Ideas

  1. These look like very tasty meals for little ones! I love how it is basically the same meals that you are eating too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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