About ‘Say “I Do” On A Budget’


Hello fellow bloggers, readers and followers,

I created Say “I Do” On A Budget when I first became engaged because I wasn’t very impressed with the wedding planning advice I was finding for those who have a smaller budget than average. A lot of advice out there felt very samey and didn’t seem like it was giving me real, tangible ideas and advice on how to do everything for less. Plus finding suppliers that charged less than normal was incredibly difficult!

To begin with Say “I Do” On A Budget was more for logging my ideas and for sharing my planning story with friends and family. Since getting married I have started to blog about living married life on a budget as well as still providing lots of helpful hints, ideas and features on how to have your amazing day without breaking the bank.

If you, like me, are a Millennial then you are probably experiencing life, like I am. Stuck in private renting, or living with family, trying to get on the property ladder and build a successful career for yourself. Often feeling like you are swimming against the tide.

Here I will share with you, my millennial life in the hope of sharing some (limited) wisdom, some laughs, the frustrations and in the hope of building a community of support for the millennial generation who feel like we are taking the hit for the over spending of the generation before us.

I really love to hear from you, so please do comment on posts or contact me via my links below. If you’d like your own frugal wedding or your budget life struggles and successes to feature on the blog please drop me an email, or send me a DM on Twitter.

I hope you find this blog useful to you, and please do share with me any comments you have as I love to hear from you.


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Please Note…

The content of my blog is a mix of both my thoughts and ideas, as well as tips and inspiration that I have found online. If I have featured your photos in my blog and you want them removed please contact me. I do try my best to credit and link any content that isn’t mine to the original source.

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