Hen Party – Oxford

Hello All!

So the hen party I have been blogging about was on Saturday!!!!  After all the planning I got quite nervous on Saturday morning thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong. The plan for the day had been sent to all the girls, I had researched where to park, printed off a map to show how to get from one venue to the next, and I had the confirmations of booking printed off too. One of my fears was that I’d forget the hen party bags, but alas I put them in my car hours before I was due to leave.

Unfortunately all the planning in the world couldn’t prepare me for one of the girls dropping out at 2PM when she was supposed to be at my house at 3:40PM. So from 7 down to 6 we went.

Upon arriving in Oxford and entering Lava & Ignite I handed out the hen party bags and gave the Hen her veil. The sweets wpid-imag0992.jpgwere gobbled up, diamontes were stuck on faces, foot cushions inserted into heels, and willy straws taken with great gusto. Some of the girls struggled with their sashes so I helped them fasten their sashes in the right place before we bounced over to the bar to begin our cocktail making master class.

If you are planning a hen party I would definitely consider buying hen party bags. Some of the items really came in handy, such as the foot cushions and the girls really loved finding all the different items that wpid-imag0991.jpghad been put in their bags.

The cocktail class at Lava & Ignite was well planned by the club and thoroughly interactive. The tools we had to create our cocktails with were three plastic jam jars, a spoon and a shot glass. We each made three cocktails that included jam. Yes jam! Odd I know, but strangely the jam in the cocktails was really good. The thought behind this was that they wanted us to learn how to make cocktails we could easily make at home. Three generous cocktails and liberal portions of prosecco later we were all feeling a little giddy and definitely ready for a burger before laughing our socks off.


Coming out in to the daylight after being inside a dark windowless club was a rather disorientating experience.

The outside of the Glee Club is quite nice, plenty of clean looking decking and large wooden benches and tables and most importantly, clearly visible for slightly tipsy hens. The Glee Club in Oxford is second to none as far as local comedy clubs go. The staff were incredibly friendly throughout our evening and I couldn’t recommend the venue enough!


Planning the hen was so enjoyable. I would love to plan a hen again in the future. Even if I don’t get to plan another hen party at least I’ve got my hen party next year to look forward to!

Cocktail Making Masterclass

The Hen party is now even more awesome! We have booked and paid the deposit for a Cocktail Masterclass at a club called ‘Lava & Ignite’ in Oxford. Included in the £25 per head we get a 90 minute long cocktail masterclass, club entry with queue jump and a VIP table. We are splitting the cost of the B2B between us which makes the costs £29.20 each.

The masterclass is booked for 5:30PM so that we can get to the Glee Comedy Club for 7:30PM which means will be probably be eating either before the masterclass or at the Glee Club.

Now just to decide whether to get the park and ride or drive into Oxford and find parking near the activity venues.

Hen Do Planning

Two months ago I published a post saying how my colleague and friend had asked me to plan her Hen Do for her. At the time I had only just started thinking of ideas so what I have ended up booking is slightly different to my initial thinking.

The Hen party details are: 
Date: 4th July 2015
Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
Number of Hens: 6 plus the B2B
Activity: Meal at a restaurant (yet to be booked), followed by comedy night at Oxford Glee Club followed by hitting a club
Travel Plans: Myself and another lady are designated drivers.
Costs: £18 per person for the Glee Club Comedy Tickets
£10 per person for extras
Extras?: Personalised sashes and personalised Hen Party Bags

The cost for the B2B is being spread across us 6 hens

The comedy tickets at the Glee Club in Oxford have been booked, the personalised sashes have arrived and the party bags are due to be delivered in about 3-4 days (about 7 days from ordering to expected delivery).

We decided to go for sashes instead of t-shirts so that each person can wear whatever they like whether they choose to wear a dress or jeans.

I ordered the personalised sashes from PartySashesGalore.co.uk as they enable you to choose the colour of the sash, the colour and style of the font and the wording on the front and back. For the price, the quality and speed of delivery is amazing. I decided to go for pale pink with gold writing. The pictures I took below really don’t do them justice.


The sashes come with Velcro circles you stick in the desired place to secure the two ends. We decided to give each other Little Miss Names for quirky un-offensive nick names everyone would be happy to wear. The sash I’m wearing in the picture is ‘Little Miss Giggles’, the only person who has a Little Miss name that is not a real Little Miss is the B2B who has ‘ Little Miss Princess’.

Initially Hen Party bags were a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve only ever been on one hen do, which was planned with very short notice and hadn’t really heard of hen party bags before. One of the other hens suggested getting them, so I did some research and found a company on eBay called ‘Vintage*dotty’.


The personalisation service they offer is second to none. For only £2.95 per bag you choose the colour of the bag, the design and information on the label, the colour of the tissue paper inside the bags and you choose 8 items out of a large list to fill the bags with.
The 8 bag fillers I decided upon are: Willy Sucking Straw; Mini Survival Kit; Scavenger Hunt Game Sheet; Strip of 10 Diamanté Face Jewels; Love Heart Sweets; Red Juicy Lip Sweets; Neon Pink Bracelet and Stiletto Fashion Foot Cushions.

I will put a sash in the bags when they arrive and write each hens name on the bag in preparation for handing them out at the meal. All the hens know about the sashes and know I have ordered party bags but I have kept the details of the bags a secret so that the other girls have a surprise on the night. All details except for the date are being kept secret from the B2B.

Supplier Details
Hen Party Bags: eBay – Vintage*dotty; facebook – facebook.com/dottyhens; website – dottyhens.com
Hen Party SashesPartySashesGalore.co.uk
Comedy Club: Oxford Glee Club
Veil for the B2B: eBay – morechoice2014

Hen Party Honor

Today my friend and colleague asked me if I would plan her Hen Do! I’ve never planned a Hen Do before and have only ever attended one in the past. I take being asked to plan someones Hen Do as a great honor that they trust me to plan their Hen Do successfully as well as an honor all round, and I will be taking this honor very seriously.

My friend is Slovakian but has been living and working in the UK for a number of years. Although her fiancé is British they are getting married in Slovakia which has meant regular trips to Slovakia during the wedding planning. Only the Groom-2-Bs close friends and family are attending the wedding in Slovakia. Which means the Hen Party is our only chance to be a part of the wedding.

A number of the ladies that will be invited to attend the Hen Party are mothers to young children so the Bride-2-B asked me to plan it as a day/evening thing (as opposed to a weekend Hen) and to keep it local. The wedding is in August and I am planning the Hen for early July which means I only have a few weeks to plan before I have to start booking! *scared*

At the moment we are thinking of going for a meal followed by an activity, such as a cocktail making class or a comedy night, then out on the town for drinkies afterwards. As I’ve only started planning today I don’t have many of the details decided upon yet, but I definitely think we will get Hen Party t-shirts from ‘Hen Party Superstore’.


I am a regular attendee of the #weddinhour on Twitter every Wednesday and this evening a fellow #weddinghour attendee has provided me with a great website that will help me in planning the Hen Party. With how nervous I feel I will definitely be glued to ‘The Hen Planner‘, as there is no question on planning a hen party that this website doesn’t answer. The picture above is taken from The Hen Planner Blog where there is no shortage of ultra-original ideas your Hens will LOVE!

Have you ever planned a Hen party before? What did you do, and how long did you have to plan it? What advice can you give me?

Wedding Fayres – not convinced?

When I got engaged for the first time I avoided wedding fayres like a cat avoids water, with a misguided thought that wedding fayres would only make me wish I had a bigger budget or break by budget by tempting me in to products and services I couldn’t afford.

Ideas I found when I attended my first wedding fayre

The truth of the matter is there are all sorts of suppliers at wedding fayres providing services and products to suit a range of budgets, plus you can get some fantastic ideas like I did when I attended my first wedding fayre.

There is a company called ‘KK Events‘ who specialise in wedding fayres – check out her blog for even more proof about how useful and inspiring wedding fayres can be

To quote Matilda and Molly (found via KK Events blog):

“Now, there is no easy way to say this….the excitement will drain you a little and you will start to think “why?” “what!” “how?!”. Planning your wedding can be daunting. Pinterest is GREAT for weddings, however it can also leave you mightily confused and asking “what on earth do we want our wedding to look like”.
When you get to this stage it is time to sit back and remember why you are doing this. You are getting married because you are in love. You are getting married to tell the world that you are in love. You are getting married because of you and your partner.
So, now we have got you back down to earth and in a happy loved up and smiley inside place, you are can start to think about your wedding and what you want it to say about you and your future husband or wife.”

When trying to work out where to start in the whole wedding planning dream/nightmare attending a local wedding fayre and speaking to the guest suppliers can really help to settle your mind and provide some clarity amongst all the bewildering options available.

Sending all you wonderful B2Bs the best of luck!