Bridal Garters

Planning your wedding day on a budget does not mean you always buy the cheapest option. Creating your big day for less is about carefully selecting where to save and where to spend. Most of the things you will decide to spend on will be big, but sometimes high quality small items give your day that extra special feeling.

There are some suppliers that provide exactly this – high quality small items that could be the difference between simply feeling good & feeling better than you’ve ever felt before on the day you say “I Do”.

I would like to start sharing these suppliers with you starting off with…

Truly I Do – bespoke handmade garters
I’d never given much thought to garters in the past. I’ve especially not given much thought to what separates a standard garter from a truly personal one. I have bought garters for friends, and I have to admit they have always been purchased from eBay or Amazon.

I’d never stopped to think that the garter may not fit. Why are garters ‘one size fits all’ and how can this really be possible? legs differ in size greatly. No bride wants to be tripping over her own garter half way down the aisle or to lift her dress for a garter picture only for it to seem as though it is cutting off her circulation.

When you place your order with ‘Truly I Doyou can provide your thigh measurement or your dress size for Charlie to create your bespoke, hand-sewn garter that will fit you beautifully.

You can choose to have one of Charlies designs, make some changes to one of her designs or discuss a completely custom idea for her to create. Here are a couple of my favourites from her standard range which are both under £20.00…

s471994090516984409_p94_i1_w160 TrulyIDoDB

All garters from ‘Truly I Do’ can be customised. Choose the colour you would like the garter to be, and the colour of any ribbons then for a small fee you can add personalised touches such as charms and trinkets.

Here are some stunning custom garters created by Charlie..

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As a budget bride it is likely your dress will be from a high street shop, from a sample sale or will be a pre-loved dress. Hopefully irrelevant of where your dress comes from you will love your chosen dress and feel every inch the perfect bride in it. I will likely be wearing a sample sale dress on my wedding, which means that it won’t have been created to my measurements even though i’ll choose one that fits. Wearing one of Charlies garters would give me that special feeling that I have something truly bespoke and made just for me.

 I will definitely be wearing one of Charlies creations on my wedding day; and I can’t wait to buy a garter from Truly I Do as a gift for the next person in my friendship group who gets engaged.

Curly Bridal Hair

As a Bride-2-B with naturally curly hair the thought of trying to find a hairdresser who can style my hair for the big day is a little daunting.

For me I will not be having my hair naturally curly on my wedding day. My natural curls are way to unpredictable; the way my hair looks day to day depends on humidity, if I’ve washed it or not and how it dries. For these reasons having my hair natural on the day is way too much of a stress inducing idea. Although you may not want to go the “fake” route if your hair is as unpredictable as mine I would suggest having a hair stylist blow it out straight and then curl your hair with a curling iron, or sleep in rollers the night before.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has reliable curls then go with your beautiful natural curls.

Before you start having a go at styling your natural curls for your wedding day I would advise you to pop over to and take their quiz to find out what curl type your hair is. My curls are type 3A. Making sure you are using the best products for your curl type will help to give you the definition and reliability you need to brave going natural.

If you know your hair well and are used to styling it you can attempt a simple style yourself. Below are some links to tutorials that are simple to follow and will look wonderful for all wedding styles.

Half Up/Half Down & Full Up Tutorial

Half Up/Half Down Tutorial

Afro Side Swept Tutorial

My Dream Hair – Love this girls hair! 

Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Peas growing in garden

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about sweet peas and their use in vintage-themed wedding flowers has meant this unassuming, delicate blossom has become fashionable once again. Whether displayed in clusters tied together with ribbon, or handfuls of frilly petals sprinkled amongst glasses as you dine al fresco, sweet peas are one of life’s little luxuries and notoriously difficult to buy. Despite flowering abundantly during summer, sweet peas are expensive to import and short lived once picked, so have a noted absence from florists’ buckets and bouquets. Despite their scarcity in the shops, sweet peas are simple to grow and flower prolifically, meaning you can fill your home and garden with their intoxicating scent throughout the summer.

My father has been a gardener his whole life. At the moment he does not have a garden but he does have two allotments where he grows mostly veg. Flowers are a rarity on my fathers allotments, however there are always Sweet Pea Flowers

because the Sweet Pea is a vegetable that just happens to grow the most lovely summer flowers. I could talk for a long time about Sweet Peas, and the way my father eats the peas straight out of the pod when he is feeling peckish at the allotment, but this post is in ode to the flower that grows from the vegetable vine and it’s re-emergence into the wedding scene.

Growing up there was always a vase of Sweet Peas of assorted colours in the house. Dad would pick them and bring them home as an easy floral display that just kept on giving, believe it or not even once the flowers had “died” they still looked sweet peas bridal bouquet

As sweet peas are delicate frilly blooms with a wonderful natural scent, they look lovely on their own or mixed with other flowers such as roses, baby’s breath or stems of lavender to create beautiful bouquets, button holes or floral table centrepieces. If you’re not fussy about the colour of your flowers and you are getting married between February and July then why not create your own bridal posy out of the flowers from your own or a friend/relatives allotment/garden?

A simple hand tied sweet pea posy would be perfect for flower girls or younger BMs. If you’re having a relaxed, homey vibe to your nuptials why not use sweet peas with heritage style roses in jam jars (mason jars) for your centrepieces? Sweet peas mixed with candles create the most wonderful feminine, romantic vibe, plus they will provide your wedding day with a scent that is familiar to many and loved by all who know the smell.

Here are some links to video tutorials on arranging Sweet Pea flowers.

Arranging a Sweet Pea Bouquet

A Sweet Pea Wedding Bouquet and Boutounieres with Martha Stewart

Are you considering using a vintage favourite for your wedding floral displays? Had you considered using Sweet Peas before? They can be expensive when bought due to the fact they don’t have a long shelf life after being picked and because most Sweet Peas from florists are imported, but for the budget bride, using Sweet Peas from your garden couldn’t be a better way to save without compromise.

Curly Bridal Hair

I am a white girl with naturally curly hair, and my teenage years were when it was all about straight hair. After years of fighting my curls and desperately trying to find the right products for my hair, I am so glad that now I’m in my 20’s curly hair is back in and the shelves in any beauty type shop are filled with all sorts of products for the curly haired lady.

I am proud of my curls and I love them, but I have serious trust issues with hair dressers as even now it is hard to find hairdressers that know what to do with my natural curls. The amount of times someone has raked a fine toothed comb through my hair to prep it for cutting, or used the smallest amount of moose thinking it will tame my wild locks, upsets me even now. This causes real anxiety for me about who I am going to hire to do my hair on my wedding day, but also anxiety about what I have done. Natural curls are unreliable and change from day to day, so I definitely think I want my hair…curled…on my wedding day, to create a more reliable and “formed” curl so that the style can be worked properly.

Anyway…enough of that, here is my curly bridal hairstyle inspiration.

If you have naturally curly hair and have had hair trials or are now married I would love to hear from you! What style did you go for? Did you have “formed” curls? If so what method did you use?

Hello Again – I’ve missed this

Hello All my fellow bloggers, readers and wedding planners!

I am back! Oh boy, have I missed this. After calling off my engagement back in May 2012 I didn’t think I would come back to this blog for a very long time – if ever; but lucky lil me is engaged again!

I met my fiance through work and he helped me to discover me again; and it became so obvious why my previous relationship didn’t work out. We moved in together (with family) in January 2013, and then moved in to our own place in March 2014. I was simply enjoying being in the new relationship, when we went on holiday in October 2014 and he proposed.

Now, my fiance is not the romantic type, he really isn’t. He doesn’t buy me flowers, or tell me how special how I am, or whatever else the Mr Darcy’s of this world do, but he is solid, dependable, he protects me and he shows me how much he loves me through small every day gestures. Our first valentines went by without him buying me anything, not even a card, but he did take me out for dinner the weekend after.

I’ve put the little description of my fiance’s romantic downfalls so that you can picture how romantic the proposal was…for him…and for us.

The Proposal.

The first full day of our holiday in Cyprus, we had dinner in our hotel and then he suggested going for a walk along the beach. The sun had set, and there was a slight breeze moving out across the beach. We found the route from the hotels restaurant down to the beach and took our shoes off so we could paddle our feet in the surprisingly warm water licking its way up the beach. After a little while of walking hand in hand he disappeared away from me, but I was still running in to the water and then running away as the tide chased my feet when he called over to me. He was knelt on one knee in the sand scratching his leg. As the dutiful girlfriend I stepped towards him to check his leg for any offending reason for the itch. As I informed him I couldn’t see anything to cause an itch he produced from behind his leg a box. His words were short and sweet, a simple “I love you, will you marry me?” and he opened the box to reveal a ring I couldn’t have chose better myself.

My #engagement ring #round cut #half carat

After accepting, and crying a little, we walked back along the beach hand in hand to the restaurant bar where we ordered…ha! not champagne! no! just a bottle of nice wine and told some people we had already met that we were engaged!

The ring however was four sizes too big (learnt how big it was upon arriving back form holiday and going to the jewelers to get it re-sized), so sadly I couldn’t wear the ring until a week after we came back from our holiday.

Wedding Plans

Originally the plan was to have a short engagement and to get married October 2015 (1 year after getting engaged), however, after doing our wedding spreadsheet we decided we needed long to save; therefore the date is set for Saturday 8th October 2016.

The wedding costs spreadsheet will be in my next post.