It’ll be All White on the Day

Exquisite All White Wedding Cakes | Weddingomania - cute size for a wedding shower: When thinking about wedding colour themes the choices are endless. The season you are getting married in will play a role in the colours you choose such as, soft pastels in Spring, bold pinks and purples in Summer, burnt oranges in Autumn & warm reds in Winter. Choosing more off-beat colour schemes can increase the cost of your wedding décor and stationary as you’ll be more likely to have to pay custom prices. Common wedding colour pallets are more budget friendly, as pre-loved decorations will be easier to obtain (post on pre-loved decorations here) not to mention stationary, and wedding party attire will be more readily available. An even cheaper option however would be to go all white!

For a fresh and unique colour theme that would wow your guests, create stunning photographs AND be gentle to your budget go all white.

White will feature somewhere at every wedding, whether it be a white wedding dress, white table linen or simply just white shirts on the groomsmen, so why not go all white. Going all white can seem scary, but as long as you use a mix of different textures and fabrics your wedding will look expensively elegant for a very small amount without any stresses that come with a mixed colour theme.

Table Decorations
Your decorations will help to create the season within your white colour scheme. For Winter weddings white snowflakes on top of the cutlery & white tree ornaments used in the centrepieces will work beautifully. White pinecones and white mini pumpkins will elegantly bring Autumn into your day. Spring and Summer require soft white flowers, white birdcages and white lace table runners.
A healthy scattering of candles will bring warmth and depth into all of your decorations as they cast light and shadow. Worried candles aren’t going to quite cut it? Why not buy a few packs of battery operated fairy lights to string around the ceremony/wedding breakfast room, or to incorporate into your table centrepieces? Getting married outdoors? Hang large white pompoms around the outdoor space.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Finding white bridesmaids dresses will be easiest in Spring so plan your shopping trip carefully. Have your bridesmaids in short dresses, made with different necklines and fabrics to your dress so that you still stand out as the Bride. Simple white maxi dresses will look wonderful for summer weddings. For a winter wedding give your bridesmaid a faux fur stole to keep them warm. Have your groomsmen in soft grey/light sand coloured suits with white shirt and white tie.

Who doesn’t love the look of crisp white stationary? To achieve pure white stationary without being boringly plain play with textures. Have textured card, white lace detailing, beading and laser cut designs. Calligraphy style fonts will finish the look magnificently.
Effective. Stylish. Budget Friendly.

Tips For Achieving Your Pure White Wedding With Style

  • Play with textures: – Different types of paper, fabrics, natural textures such as pinecones and flowers…
  • Thinking about lighting: – Candles, fairy lights, light up letters…
  • Bring the season into the decorations
  • Use Mirrors
  • Don’t be afraid to add sparkle: – table crystals, diamond jewelry, sparkly belts for the BMs…

I’d love to know what you think about this. Have you been to an all white wedding? Are you in the middle of planning an all white wedding? Are you now considering this idea?

Big Day PostBox

Something I have always wanted to have for my wedding day is a post box for guests to put cards in positioned near the ‘gift table’. When I say post box I don’t mean the cardboard post box you can readily get from eBay such as this:

But an actual vintage or real looking post box; although I can never make up my mind as to if I would keep traditional with the royal red post box or go for an ivory one. The one thing for sure is I WILL be having one for my wedding.

I would ask either a bridesmaid or an usher to empty the post box at the end of the evening and look after the cards and gifts for the H2B and I. The designated person would then bring the cards/presents to us the day after the wedding once we’re back at home or once we are back from honeymoon.

A company I found on Twitter recently called ‘Big Day Postbox’ sell a range of unique and vintage post boxes you can hire for your wedding at very reasonable prices. Key small decorations that people will want to take a picture of, and that will get guests chatting is always a winner to me. If you had one of the post boxes from Big Day Postbox on/near your gift table you wouldn’t need to decorate the gift table with anything else!

Go truly unique with a milk churn sourced from a dairy and upcycled into a beautiful wedding post box for your guests to fill with cards. Small gifts could even be put in this.Or go Traditional with a small high standing royal red post box.

Depending on the post box you choose you can hire these from Big Day Postbox for between £45 and £85 plus a small delivery charge.

What do you think? Do you love these as much as I do?

Budget Decorations – String Balloons

In previous posts I have shared my passion for bunting; that passion for bunting refuses to fade, however I also have a new ‘amare’ in my life – cotton string balloons!

Cotton String Balloons are just as versatile as bunting but have been less over-used in the wedding industry to date.

First of all, before I get too carried away with myself, let me introduce you to what a string balloon is: It is a balloon that has had PVA solutuon string wrapped around it; once the string has dried/set the balloon is popped and removed so that all that you have left is the string in the shape of a balloon. Click Here for a good ‘How To’.

The look of your string balloons can be changed depending on how thickly the string is wrapped around the balloon, the type of string used, the size of the balloon used, whether you spray paint the string afterwards or not and how you use the string balloon within your wedding decorations.
Winter Wedding Decorations | Winter Wedding DIY - Craft Ideaslove this DIY idea using string, glue, and a balloon. could stick things into the mesh and have a couple of candles. Cheap but effective!

If you are going to use the string balloons on your reception tables, how about sticking flowers in the top of them? Or cut a hole in the bottom and position the string balloon over the top of flowers.

For a extra twist on this, you could put things inside the balloon before tying it off, so that when you pop the balloon certain items are then trapped inside the sting ball.

String balls look fantastic teamed with pompoms when hung together – thinking about having some hung over the gift table, or hung outside where you’ll have your pictures taken, or even hung as pews ends for the ceremony.
Pink and Purple Pom-Poms with Snowy Cotton Balloons: Pink and Purple Shower/Party DecorationYou don’t just have to wrap string/wool around the balloons, using a similar method, other fantastic results can be achieved! How about PVA pasting paper doilies to the balloon? This gives an UBER unique way to decorate your venue for a sake of a few quid.
DIY project: Spray glue the dollies/twine to a blown up balloon and allow to dry. Then pop the balloon!! MUST do this for my reception!
You could either team the string balloons with the doilies balloons or have one or the other.

As mentioned previously I am the most artistically challenged person I know, but I think that these string balloons are very achievable for a budget bride/groom to create.
Have you seen these before? What are your thoughts on them? 

If you choose to go for the string balloon theme for your wedding decorations, you can continue the theme through the wedding by incorporating this idea on a smaller scale for your wedding favours. Your guests wont care what your wedding favours are if they are trapped inside a string cage like this!

You could put wrapped chocolate/fudge etc inside the small balloon, or other small wedding favours, the larger the favour the large the balloon!

My wedding colour scheme is glue and gold so I like the idea of putting two Ferrero Rochers in the balloon. Your guests will think of all sorts of ways to try and get to their favours, and are much more likely to take the favour home.

Can you think of a cheaper and easier way to create the most memorable wedding favours ever?

What would you put inside the string ball for your wedding favours?