If you don’t know about the  chat that is on Wednesday evening then you either don’t have Twitter or have been living under a rock! #Weddinghour is an hour long Twitter chat every Wednesday 9pm-10pm. 

But there used to be other wedding chat hours too. There was #BrideHour every Thursday evening 8pm-9pm and #weddingoclock on Sunday evening 9pm-10pm.  It would seem that both the and chats have completely stopped; you try looking at the tweet results for those hashtags now and all you’ll see is the occasional tumbleweed. 

But who wants to have only one day a week where they can engage in a Twitter chat about everything wedding? I know I don’t! 

and I have worked together to start a new chat hour for all things weddings! will be every Sunday 8pm-9pm and launches this Sunday! 


Save By Using Facebook Groups

Anyone who is on Facebook knows of and maybe uses Facebook groups. We all know that buying ‘second hand’/’once used’ is one of the best ways to save money on your big day, but how do you go about purchasing them?

One of the ways to find wedding items ‘once used’ is to find Facebook groups that have been set up for people to sell wedding paraphernalia. Some groups will be regional while others are set up for the selling of wedding items across the whole country. The groups with the most traffic will be the open groups as opposed to closed/private groups. A quick search for ‘wedding items’ in the Facebook search function will bring up a number of groups, however be careful not to join ones that are inactive.

Many Newlyweds choose to sell everything from table centerpieces, sweetie buffet jars and tools, to outdoor venue decorations and the little extras they’d bought after their big day to recoup some money. Some Newlyweds will even choose to sell bridal accessories, bridesmaid dresses and some even choose to sell their wedding dress. Most people who are selling off their decorations etc will do so a within the first year of marriage.

My favourite thing to look for in these groups is decorations. If you haven’t already, join/like the Facebook groups/pages in your area that are dedicated to selling wedding items. Sometimes people post wedding items for sale on generic selling pages too so make sure you are on those as well. Unless you’ve chosen a very unconventional colour scheme you will be able to pick up, ribbons, decorations, outfits etc in your wedding colour scheme and suiting your theme. Even if you can’t find items for sale that suit your theme/scheme you will still be able to buy things that don’t need to fit a theme or colour scheme such as bubbles for the table, diamanté table scatters, glass jars etc.

Big popular items can be bought and sold dozens of times – think big glass jars and scoops for a sweetie buffet, candle sticks, table number holders and photo booth props to name a few.

No one will know these items weren’t bought brand new by you, so why pay over the odds? Decorate your venue and add finishing touches to your day at a fraction of the cost of buying everything new.

Not to mention you can feel good twice – saving money and recycling!

Hen Party Bags

Here are the Hen Party Bags I ordered from ‘vintage*dotty’ on eBay.

The personalisation service they offer is second to none. For only £2.95 per bag you choose the colour of the bag, the design and information on the label, the colour of the tissue paper inside the bags and you choose 8 items out of a large list to fill the bags with. The 8 bag fillers I decided upon are: Willy Sucking Straw; Mini Survival Kit; Scavenger Hunt Game Sheet; Strip of 10 Diamanté Face Jewels; Love Heart Sweets; Red Juicy Lip Sweets; Neon Pink Bracelet and Stiletto Fashion Foot Cushions.

I also put the sashes I ordered from PartySashesGalore.co.uk in the bags and wrote each hens name on the bag so the process of handing them out is easy.

Sitting out in the sun this afternoon to assemble the bags was very enjoyable.

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Create a Wedding Website

Invites can cause so many issues, not only with the design but also the wording and what information should be included within the invites. trying to include the some of or all of the following information:
1) The invite
2) Gift List
3) Directions/parking instructions
4) RSVP Card including menu options
5) Song Recommendation Card
6) Other important wedding information
can be really difficult and can make the cost of your invites spiral!

I recommend that brides and grooms keep the wedding invites simple – decide if you want shop bought invites, to order professional custom made invites or to make your own, but keep the invite simple.

Within your invite mention that for venue information, the gift list etc they can go to a certain website and give the website address on the invite.

You can create a free wedding website on sites such as GettingMarried.co.uk; an example of a completed wedding page can be found here.

These websites allow you to provide full information to your guests in one easy place and makes it easy and free for your guests to RSVP, recommend songs, check out the directions and how to book a room, and after the wedding your guests can upload pictures to the site which you could then use to create a photo book.

Other websites that offer free wedding websites you can personal are:

Make use of a wedding website to save money on your invites by putting the extra information on the website and having the invite as a just “we invite you to our wedding on this date and time at this venue” – leaving you extra room in your budget and giving you time to agonise how to word that crucial invite.

The Budget Dress

For the budget bride, the dress can be a real worry. We still want the perfect dress but don’t want to have to pay through the roof or break our wedding budget for it.

One great way to pick up your perfect dress at a discount rate, is to go 2nd hand. Charity shops like Oxfam have shops designated for wedding dresses and other wedding day items such as veils and shoes that have been donated by brides who decide not to keep them.

Brides also sell their wedding dresses on wedding forums such as www.youandyourwedding.co.uk, and the dresses are regularly this seasons as they often sell only a couple of months after the wedding day.

There are a ton of dress makers on eBay, who also do very good wedding dresses that can be made to be very similar to that designer dress you’ve been lusting after but can’t afford. When looking at dress makers on eBay, be very careful and choose wisely. Make sure to check out their reviews fully before choosing which one to go for, as the reviews will tell you a lot about the quality of fabric used, the overall turnout of the dress and the speed of turn around from ordering to being delivered. Also, check out this Facebook page that warns you which eBay wedding dress sellers to steer clear of.

Bridal shops also have sales, selling off last seasons stock and end of lines. This isn’t the place to be looking for the best deals as such, but at least you’ll know the dress is yours and not been worn by any other bride on her wedding day. Many of the dresses may be ex-demo dresses, so will have been tried on by other bride-to-be’s so make sure you check the stitching on the dress to make sure it is till good. Any pulled stitching or hanging detailing and make sure the bridal shop fix it for you FOC.

Don’t forget the highstreet! There are loads of highstreet shops that sell wedding dresses too. Lovely styles at really good prices. Check out my previous posts for where to shop.

However you obtain your dress for your big day I also advise any bride to try on a range of styles before settling on which one to go for. The reason for this is because often you’ll think you know what you are looking for and what style of dress you’d like, but you never really know until you try them on, and you might be quite surprised at what looks amazing on you when you get in the shops and start having a play.


Oh, my, I have a new obsession!

Pinterest is amazing. I will be honest I didn’t really get it at first; and the whole needing to request an invite thing just ruffled my feathers a little, but I still thought I would give it a go as my sister in-law had been raving about it and telling me to join.

I know it is only pictures, and I am much more a word person than a picture person, which is why I didn’t think I would like it and couldn’t really see the point in just posting up a bunch of pictures, however the whole pinning pictures, re-pinning and liking thing really does draw you in, until you can’t imagine not pinning your way through a lazy Sunday afternoon. My Pinterest profile has 13 boards, some of which seem to be common amongst ‘pinners’. Bucket List, Quotes and My Pin Wardrobe all seem to be common boards created by ‘pinners’.

There are boards to which are commonplace on Pinterest that I do not have, such as a food board and a body inspiration board for fitness motivation. Both of these boards are often held by the same ‘pinners’, which seems rather contradictory, to have tempting, no doubt calorific food, alongside fitness motivation. A little taster of what to expect:
Decadent S'mores Brownies

along side
21-Day Fix Challenge - A great jumpstart to healthy eating and fitness

If you are not currently a pinner, why not?

if nothing else, Pinterest is perfect for wedding inspiration, ideas and How To’s. Sign up and give it a go, I’m sure you’ll love it. If you’re already a Pinner, comment with your link to your Pinterest profile so others can check out for profile and maybe even re-pin for pins.

Young Love Reading

Childhood sweethearts share an innocence

That, if they marry, lasts them all their lives,

An early sacrifice that makes no sense,

Save that something beautiful survives.

There is the sense that angels would do this,

A rightness like a rock before the sea,

A hunger for a symbiotic kiss,

For love as pure as it was meant to be.

And so it is for those who make that choice,

Who dare to love so faithfully and long

That each becomes to each a second voice,

Transforming merest moments into song.

How beautiful first love! Yet better still,

A love for life sustained by wish and will.

My Order From Flutterby Weddings

Has arrived!

The H2B bought it home with him yesterday. I have been very impressed with not only Flutterby Weddings but also Brenda976 on ebay who I bought my veil from. Both of them gave excellent communication, quick despatch and therefore delivery, but also once the product has arrived I’ve been nothing but truely happy with them.

I now have my headband and my two Bms headbands.

It seems the only thing I am struggling with and have had not totally positive experiences about is finding a well priced, quality cake maker that wont let me down and a make-up and hair artist that isn’t going to charge me through the roof.

What things have gone smoothly in your wedding planning? What things haven’t gone quite so well?

Flutterby Weddings

In a previous post of mine I mentioned how I had bought a headband for myself and a headband each for my MOH and my BM. I had an email from Flutterby Weddings saying that unfortunately they had run out of the small champange pearls needed to create the BM headbands that I had ordered and asked me if I wanted to choose a different colour.

I wasn’t sure which colour to go for so they sent me pearl samples to have a look at 😀 I think that this is a lovely extra special treatment. Sometimes such a simple thing as this really does go a long way, which is why I thought I would write another post dedicated to Flutterby Weddings as a thank you for what I deem fantastic e-customer service so far.

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The above slide show shows the pearls that have been sent to me for me to choose from.

Gold, Palladium, Platinum…Expense-dom

There are many areas of the wedding day that couples can and will cut costs on, but the wedding rings is either an area seen to be one that shouldn’t be scrimped or people feel they can’t scrimp on.

As one lady said on a wedding forum I frequent “I never wanted to spend a lot, but in fairness, it is one of the few physical things left after the wedding day”. This knowledge that our rings are the only part of our wedding that are always on show to everyone, and that (hopefully) we will be wearing them for the rest of our lives; it isn’t just a fleeting moment of a wedding that will be forgotten after a couple of weeks; the thought of trying to save money in this area is not always very appealing.

I, however, am on the campaign to say that you can say money on your rings without forgoing the quality.

As many people know you can exchange your Tesco Club Card vouchers for GoldSmiths vouchers with an exchange rate of up to x4. So if you have £100 of Club Card vouchers, you could exchange them for up to £400 worth of GoldSmiths vouchers – a fantastic way to up your rings budget, enabling you to still be able to buy quality jewellery without maxing out your budget.

Jewellers do have sales – so keep your eye out in jewellers windows or online for their sales, as you can save anything from 10% to 50%.

If you go to a jewellers and have your finger sized to make sure that you know your size you can buy your jewellery from an e-retailer. One such e-retailer is The Beautiful Company where you can get beautiful cut price rings without forgoing the quality. The website allows you to choose the shape of the ring (court, D shape etc), the quality of the carat and the design among other things, so it is good to know what you are looking for before you venture on to the site as it can get just a little confusing.

Now the above mentioned ways to cut the expense out of your wedding jewellery are all for new jewellery. My favourite way to save money is to go second hand. This may not sound very appealing, but when you consider that modern jewellery is hollow, which is why so much of it has a low weight, the heavier ones will be less hollow, but still hollow to some degree. Older jewellery is much less likely to be hollow. Think about jewellery that was bought 20+ years ago. Some independent jewellers will stock second-hand jewellery where you can pick up fantastic pieces for a fraction of the price. The Hubster 2B and I went a jewellers that stocks second-hand wedding rings a couple of weekends ago and they had a lovely little range of rings. My favourite was a plain yellow gold mens band, it had a very good weight as it was a solid band, and was 6mm for just £100. The only reason we didn’t snap it up was because the H2B wants a yellow gold band, of about that thickness but with slight detailing on the edges as opposed to completely plain.

A good website to look at for second-hand jewellery is Freeman & Bennett. You can have a look at used jewellery by section.

The modern highstreets are full of pawnbrokers which are often crammed with second-hand jewellery. Looking for second-hand jewellery can be a bit pot luck, as you don’t know what you are going to find but I think that is half of the fun. Looking through an assortment of rings not to your taste trying to find a ring that you’ll fall in love with. The good thing is not many people ask you where you got your ring from. Especially not after a few weeks of the wedding, so having a lovely piece of jewellery that has been polished and buffed so it is just as shiny and lovely as any new ring is nothing but a good thing. If you are contemplating buying your wedding ring second-hand you are definitely not alone. Just looking at the figures for Ebay, they have seen a 200% increase in the sale of second-hand engagement and weddings in the last year.

Do any of you have any second-hand jewellery? Where did you find it?

Fantasticly priced suppliers

I thought I would share a few websites that I have found that are fantastic not only in terms of the quality of the products that they sell, but also the range of products that they sell. It can be very tricky as a budget bride to find good, reputable, trustworthy websites or sellers. Some cheap sites don’t seem trustworthy, and sites that are clearly professional and pukka gen just often are not affordable.

Today I purchased my headband and a headband each for my MOH and my BM. It is exactly 223 days to go (7 months, 1 week and 2 days). I’d found the site, and had been checking the site reguarly waiting to see if they would have a sale. Today they had a sale on some of their pearl range which is the range I was interested in. The website? Flutter By Weddings. I couldn’t reccomend them enough as they kept me informed of the progress with my order. I had a bad experience of trying to order a tiara/headband from a supplier before who just cancelled my order due to “unforseen circumstances” which made me feel nurvous about ordering with a new online supplier; but I couldn’t find what I wanted off-line. Although I had an email from Flutter By Weddings that they had run out of the small pearls in the colour I requested and couldn’t get any more, they gave me the option of choosing a different colour rather than just cancelling my order which I was very pleased about.

Today I also found an amazing ebay seller. This seller can also be found on Etsy and does beautiful veils. Everything from a traditional two tier veil to a stunning range of birdcage veils for very reasonable prices. Brenda’s Bridal Veils also sells fascinators and other hair accessories.

Another ebay seller that sells veils at fantastic prices is Deity Doll.

Folksy is a website that I have only come accross lately. The website is a bit like etsy, it is for sellers to sell their Modern British Craft. One of my favourite seller is The Patchwork Bride who sells alternative bouquets for very reasonable prices.

I will add more suppliers and websites to this list as I come accross them. If you know of any please do let me know and I will, with your permission add them to this list.

Hair Inspiration

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The photo’s above are my inspiration picstures for my own hair for the big day.

LRT – Jewellery

To save a bit of money on your wedding ring, buy your wedding ring from the same place you bought your engagement ring. Most jewellers offer a 10% discount on your wedding ring if you tell them you bought your engagement ring from them too.

There is also the option of using your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. If you exchange your club card points into vouchers for Goldsmiths, you can then use your Goldsmiths vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. Goldsmiths aren’t the cheapest jewellers on the highstreet but if you have found your perfect ring in there then there is no harm in saving some money.

Alternatively if you already know your size then you can order your ring online. Because the online shops don’t have the overheads of running a shop, and because there is a short handling line from the gold being dug out the ground to being in your possession they are often able to offer you fantastic jewellery for a fraction of the cost of what they can in the shops.
Think: Wedding Rings Direct, The Jewellery Company and Diamond Heaven.

My Wedding Ring

The search for my wedding ring was a long hard one. I struggled to find anything that I like that was in my budget and fitted with my e-ring. That is until a couple of weeks ago when the jewellers I bought my wedding ring from brough out seom new lines! As you know from my previous LRT post I found my perfct ring but it was in white gold. Well this new line included a yellow gold version of that ring!!!! = me unbelieveably happy!

^ ^ because who doesn’t love a lol cat 🙂

I picked up my ring today and I can’t stop looking at it. Plus because I got it from the same place I got my e-ring I got a 10% discount.

My Wedding Ring

My the internet is for Bargains!

Bridesmaid’s outfits

The first thing that I bought online was my Bridesmaid dresses shortly followed by shoes and clutch bags.The shoes and clutch bags were bought off of ebay.

Above is my MOH trying the outfit on once all the items had arrived to check it all coordinated. Due to the dress being a dark emerald green we decided upon having light accessories to give the look a more bridal look.

I turned to the internet for the BM shoes as my MOH is a size 2, and would have prefered to have had both my MOH and my BM in matching shoes if possible although I was aware it may not be possible. Ebay came to my rescue with these shoes that I could get in sizes 2 and 4 and were under £25 a pair!

The clutch bags were bought separately, and are actually from Primark…yes, you heard right, PRIMARK! but I bought them from a seller on ebay and they go pretty well with the shoes.

Wedding Website and Wedding Cards

Being a bride on a budget can make it seem impossible to be able to have a honeymoon. It is an integral part of the modern wedding and the thought that we may not be able to afford one was rather saddening. Therefore we decided that we would ask our guests to contribute towards a honeymoon instead of buying us gifts. However, we, like many couples felt extremely uncomfortable about this, and didn’t like the idea of putting a poem in with the invites, therefore I came up with the idea of creating a wedding website. The wedding website would have all of the information about our wedding, everything from the time they need to arrive, directions to the venue, information about parking, the ability to RSVP on the website and…the gift list.

I put some conventional gift ideas on the gift list but have also asked for money contributions or vouchers for a holiday provider to go towards us being able to have a honeymoon. Doing it this way seemed a lot more comfortable as there was no particular emphasis on “give us money”, but more on just us providing information about the wedding in general.

I then used Vistaprint to create ‘wedding business card’ as I coined them 😛 that would just have our names, the date of the wedding and a the URL for our wedding website, that I would pop in with the invites.

Other side of wedding card

Wedding Card

Wedding Forum Buys

I was very lucky to come across a lady on my favourite wedding forum who had recently got married and was selling off her un-wanted wedding stuff as a job lot. I bought lots of items off of her, including Mr & Mrs letters, lots of vases for a sweetie buffet, bubbles of the tables, a wedding sign, table number holders, tea light holders and much more.

Vases and jars, cake stand, bubbles, tea light holders & battery fairy lights

Sign and Letters


Talking of the internet, if you like my blog, please check out my facebook page.

The internet is for BARGAINS

…and it really really is!

Looking online for wedding items is as easy as pie. The big high street websites such as Debenhams, BHS, Littlewoods and Phase Eight have sales through the year, so keep your eye on these sites for their sales as they are definitely worth it. As well as though websites other ones that are worth a look are ebay, Amazon, ChloeBeck, Glitzy Secrets, Not on the highstreet.com, and one of my personal favorites Etsy among many many more.

To save money on your dream wedding dress you can find your perfect type of gown by going into shops and trying different dresses on until you find the perfect one and then order your that dress on eBay. There are dress makers in China who make great copies of wedding dresses to your measurements for the fraction of the cost that the dress would have cost bought from a bridal shop/bridal fayre etc.

There are mixed reviews from the custom made dresses from China, some people who have had good experiences and others who have had not so positive experiences, for this reason I advice that it is very important to check the reviews for the seller before you decide to purchase.

If you are happy to have pre-owned, wedding forums can be a great place to pick up some bargain from women who have recently got married. Many modern brides sell their wedding stuff on after the wedding, everything from bride and bridesmaids dresses to accessories and decorations. Popular wedding forums that you can join include Hitched.co.uk, Youandyourwedding.co.uk, weddingforum.co.uk and Confetti. Not only will you be able to talk to other brides getting married near you or at the same time as year as you, you will be able to swap ideas and tips on great suppliers and themes but also be able to have the chance to buy other brides un-needed wedding items once the wedding is over.

Don’t like the idea of shop bought invites as suggest in “Think High Street” – then you can still but cheap invites online. Vista Print, Moo and 123print  have great  invites and save the dates that you can personalise as much or as little as you like. Moo do fantastic post cards that can be used to name a few ideas as:

  • RSVP’s

RSVP Postcard

  • Messages to the Bride and Groom from guests as an alternative to a guest book

Message postcards

  • Place setting’s for the wedding breakfast

Place setting post card

Post cards are cheap, quirky, and easily personalised to suit your theme and personal style.