Invites for Less

I’ve had a love for stationary ever since I can remember, from the days of buying nice letter paper for writing to pen-pals to finding great joy in an exceptional wedding invite. When someone hands me a business card, I instantly want to keep it if the text is raised or if the paper is textured.

This very love for all things made from paper means I don’t want to have mediocre wedding stationary just because I’m on a budget. So how can I have invites my guests will proudly display in their homes without breaking my budget?

For the answer to that question I have asked two industry professionals.

Suzanne is the mastermind behind ‘Paper Tree Design‘ with 15 years experience in retail buying and product development she created her business over 3 years ago. Rosie at ‘Little Vixen Designs‘ had 5 years of experience working with couples designing wedding stationary, before creating her ‘Little Vixen Designs’ business 4 years ago.

This experience makes Rosie and Suzanne the perfect people to provide hints and tips on how you can still have professional invites within budget.

No doubt you will have found a couple of companies you are thinking of ordering your wedding day stationary from, perhaps you’ve seen them at a wedding fayre, or you found them in some way online. If your initial chat with them about costs left you feeling they may be slightly out of your budget, don’t be put off.


Arrange meetings with your preferred suppliers, or if this isn’t possible arrange a telephone call with them to let them know you love their designs but you have £x budget to work with. The stationers will then recommend what can be done within your set budget.

“It is the time it takes to apply all the tiny details that add to the cost of bespoke, luxury stationary but without them you loose that feeling of quality and luxury”, therefore…

If you feel happy doing some of the assembling yourself then you can definitely make savings. This may be as simple as gluing the ribbon and diamonte decorations onto the front of the invite, or could be as complicated as gluing multiple layers of laser cut designs together that create one 3D effect design.



Irrelevant or whom you are thinking of ordering your invites from, or how good their work appears to be, make sure that you get physical samples of your chosen design on the chosen paper type before committing to a full order. Even though you may have seen physical examples of other work of theirs, the paper and printing type you’ve chosen may be different to what you’ve been before, which may mean disappointment with the final product.

Companies such as who offer a fully custom service with a vast range of beautiful designs, plus an instant online preview of the design as you customise it, can lure you into not ordering a physical sample, but it is still really important to do so you know you will be 100% happy with your order when it arrives.

Even if you have to pay for a sample, it is better to do so than to be disappointed when your full order arrives.


It is easy to forget this as we have to calculate costs per guests for food, drink, favors and other stationary types such as place cards.

Also, a charge that some stationers include in the amount you pay is postage to YOU, but money can be saved here too…


This is something that would never have occurred to me if it wasn’t for Suzanne.


Consider hand delivering your invites rather than posting them. Live close to friends and family and see them regularly? Just hand them their invite next time you see them. Do your parents or siblings see other family member more regularly than you do? Perhaps ask them to pass invites on for you.


A wedding website I have used before is ‘‘ but there are a couple others including ‘‘, both of which offer a range of templates you can customise with all of your wedding information.

I hope that you find these amazing tips contributed by Suzanne and Rosie helpful. I’m looking forward to hearing your budget wedding stationary success stories, and would love you to share you story if one of these tips helped you to come in on budget.

Big Day PostBox

Something I have always wanted to have for my wedding day is a post box for guests to put cards in positioned near the ‘gift table’. When I say post box I don’t mean the cardboard post box you can readily get from eBay such as this:

But an actual vintage or real looking post box; although I can never make up my mind as to if I would keep traditional with the royal red post box or go for an ivory one. The one thing for sure is I WILL be having one for my wedding.

I would ask either a bridesmaid or an usher to empty the post box at the end of the evening and look after the cards and gifts for the H2B and I. The designated person would then bring the cards/presents to us the day after the wedding once we’re back at home or once we are back from honeymoon.

A company I found on Twitter recently called ‘Big Day Postbox’ sell a range of unique and vintage post boxes you can hire for your wedding at very reasonable prices. Key small decorations that people will want to take a picture of, and that will get guests chatting is always a winner to me. If you had one of the post boxes from Big Day Postbox on/near your gift table you wouldn’t need to decorate the gift table with anything else!

Go truly unique with a milk churn sourced from a dairy and upcycled into a beautiful wedding post box for your guests to fill with cards. Small gifts could even be put in this.Or go Traditional with a small high standing royal red post box.

Depending on the post box you choose you can hire these from Big Day Postbox for between £45 and £85 plus a small delivery charge.

What do you think? Do you love these as much as I do?

Wedding Fayres – not convinced?

When I got engaged for the first time I avoided wedding fayres like a cat avoids water, with a misguided thought that wedding fayres would only make me wish I had a bigger budget or break by budget by tempting me in to products and services I couldn’t afford.

Ideas I found when I attended my first wedding fayre

The truth of the matter is there are all sorts of suppliers at wedding fayres providing services and products to suit a range of budgets, plus you can get some fantastic ideas like I did when I attended my first wedding fayre.

There is a company called ‘KK Events‘ who specialise in wedding fayres – check out her blog for even more proof about how useful and inspiring wedding fayres can be

To quote Matilda and Molly (found via KK Events blog):

“Now, there is no easy way to say this….the excitement will drain you a little and you will start to think “why?” “what!” “how?!”. Planning your wedding can be daunting. Pinterest is GREAT for weddings, however it can also leave you mightily confused and asking “what on earth do we want our wedding to look like”.
When you get to this stage it is time to sit back and remember why you are doing this. You are getting married because you are in love. You are getting married to tell the world that you are in love. You are getting married because of you and your partner.
So, now we have got you back down to earth and in a happy loved up and smiley inside place, you are can start to think about your wedding and what you want it to say about you and your future husband or wife.”

When trying to work out where to start in the whole wedding planning dream/nightmare attending a local wedding fayre and speaking to the guest suppliers can really help to settle your mind and provide some clarity amongst all the bewildering options available.

Sending all you wonderful B2Bs the best of luck!

Fantasticly priced suppliers

I thought I would share a few websites that I have found that are fantastic not only in terms of the quality of the products that they sell, but also the range of products that they sell. It can be very tricky as a budget bride to find good, reputable, trustworthy websites or sellers. Some cheap sites don’t seem trustworthy, and sites that are clearly professional and pukka gen just often are not affordable.

Today I purchased my headband and a headband each for my MOH and my BM. It is exactly 223 days to go (7 months, 1 week and 2 days). I’d found the site, and had been checking the site reguarly waiting to see if they would have a sale. Today they had a sale on some of their pearl range which is the range I was interested in. The website? Flutter By Weddings. I couldn’t reccomend them enough as they kept me informed of the progress with my order. I had a bad experience of trying to order a tiara/headband from a supplier before who just cancelled my order due to “unforseen circumstances” which made me feel nurvous about ordering with a new online supplier; but I couldn’t find what I wanted off-line. Although I had an email from Flutter By Weddings that they had run out of the small pearls in the colour I requested and couldn’t get any more, they gave me the option of choosing a different colour rather than just cancelling my order which I was very pleased about.

Today I also found an amazing ebay seller. This seller can also be found on Etsy and does beautiful veils. Everything from a traditional two tier veil to a stunning range of birdcage veils for very reasonable prices. Brenda’s Bridal Veils also sells fascinators and other hair accessories.

Another ebay seller that sells veils at fantastic prices is Deity Doll.

Folksy is a website that I have only come accross lately. The website is a bit like etsy, it is for sellers to sell their Modern British Craft. One of my favourite seller is The Patchwork Bride who sells alternative bouquets for very reasonable prices.

I will add more suppliers and websites to this list as I come accross them. If you know of any please do let me know and I will, with your permission add them to this list.

LRT – Jewellery

To save a bit of money on your wedding ring, buy your wedding ring from the same place you bought your engagement ring. Most jewellers offer a 10% discount on your wedding ring if you tell them you bought your engagement ring from them too.

There is also the option of using your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. If you exchange your club card points into vouchers for Goldsmiths, you can then use your Goldsmiths vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. Goldsmiths aren’t the cheapest jewellers on the highstreet but if you have found your perfect ring in there then there is no harm in saving some money.

Alternatively if you already know your size then you can order your ring online. Because the online shops don’t have the overheads of running a shop, and because there is a short handling line from the gold being dug out the ground to being in your possession they are often able to offer you fantastic jewellery for a fraction of the cost of what they can in the shops.
Think: Wedding Rings Direct, The Jewellery Company and Diamond Heaven.

My Wedding Ring

The search for my wedding ring was a long hard one. I struggled to find anything that I like that was in my budget and fitted with my e-ring. That is until a couple of weeks ago when the jewellers I bought my wedding ring from brough out seom new lines! As you know from my previous LRT post I found my perfct ring but it was in white gold. Well this new line included a yellow gold version of that ring!!!! = me unbelieveably happy!

^ ^ because who doesn’t love a lol cat 🙂

I picked up my ring today and I can’t stop looking at it. Plus because I got it from the same place I got my e-ring I got a 10% discount.

My Wedding Ring