Featured on ‘The Wedding Cat’

Featured onThe Wedding Cat

Back on June 12th Lisa from The Wedding Cat featured my autumnal budget wedding day on her blog within the ‘Real Brides’ section of her site.

There may well be some information about Steven and I’s big day, or some thoughts and feelings I share with Lisa that I haven’t shared on SayIDoOnABudget before. Also, it is great that lots of details about our wedding (that have been scattered across lots of different posts on here) are all neatly in one place in the feature.

The Wedding Cat is a wedding blog site I follow closely. Lisa is based in the US, and our conversations leading up to the feature going live really highlighted to both of us how different weddings can be across the pond. For example, Lisa was a little intrigued about UK Wedding Breakfasts – what they are and how they work, so I gave her the best explanation I could.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever detailed here what songs we chose for parts of the wedding such as when I walked down the isle… Can you guess what songs we may have chosen? You’ll find all of that on the feature too.

To read the full feature about my 6.5k Autumn wedding on The Wedding Cat click here.


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Post Wedding Post

post wedding post
This has taken me a little while to write… we’ve been married for 119 days (nearly 4 months!!) but here it is…
It felt really odd to me when we got to the point where it was just 1 week to go. It didn’t feel real. After months and months of planning it didn’t seem real that the day could actually come round.

The Morning & Getting Ready

Room: An Executive Suite

I remember thinking the morning was going to go on for ages, which may not be a feeling that you’d get if your ceremony time is early. With the ceremony time being at 3pm, but having woke at 6:30-7am ish my Bridesmaid Donna and I had a long time to slowly get ready. We got showered and dressed and went for breakfast soon after waking. After breakfast we took a look in the ceremony and reception rooms to ensure everything was still okay in both of the rooms as we’d set everything up decorations wise the night before. The only things we hadn’t set up the night before was the floral pedestals and the wedding cake as these were going to be delivered by the suppliers at some point during the morning. The floral pedestals were in the ceremony room and looked fantastic, but the wedding cake hadn’t yet been delivered into the reception room. 

As we felt at a bit of a loss in what exactly to do we took a walk around the venue where we got offered a free glass of champagne we then took back to our room. It was at this point I realised I wasn’t sure what time my sister, parents, our photographer or my hairdresser were going to arrive.

By the time my sister, parents, hairdresser and Dees’ daughter Hollie (who was doing our make-up for us) had arrived, everything went from being calm and seeming like we had forever, to being very hectic and seeming like there wasn’t much time. 

I thought I wanted to have a bustling busy room filled with my hairdresser Katie, photographer, MUA, BMs and my Mum, but actually I found myself getting stressed out by the noise and commotion all those people were creating in the room, especially as I was having my hair done at the time, and having my hair done has always been a source of anxiety for me. 

At one point I strongly encouraged my sister to take Dees’ daughters to go check out the rooms so they could see the decorations before everyone else. Once they had left the room I was able to calm the nerves that had been building inside and it allowed my hairdresser to finish my hair without any distractions. 

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