Marriage (life)


Sometimes we can get carried away with the romance and the wedding planning, but it is important as the big day looms to make sure you are 100% sure this person is your forever person.

I know this all too painfully as when I got engaged at 19 I couldn’t have been happier. But at 22 and five months away from the wedding, I realised I had got swept away with the planning and the excitement of wedding planning was all that was keeping me with him. I made the difficult decision at that point to end it all. I’m so glad I came to the realisation I had fallen out of love before saying “I do’.

Now I’m 25 and couldn’t be more sure my fiancée is my forever man, but I still recommend to take time out to evaluate before your wedding day that you’re doing this for all the right reasons. All too often couples spend so much energy planning their wedding day they don’t realise that between getting engaged and getting married things have changed, then once they’re married and the reality of married life kicks in and all the wedding excitement has ebbed away, that they are no longer in love with their now spouse and divorce happens a year or two after marriage.

I hope none of your experience this and if any of you have as I did before getting married then I am truly sorry; but hold on to the knowledge that like me, you will find someone else who couldn’t be better for you.

Hello Again – I’ve missed this

Hello All my fellow bloggers, readers and wedding planners!

I am back! Oh boy, have I missed this. After calling off my engagement back in May 2012 I didn’t think I would come back to this blog for a very long time – if ever; but lucky lil me is engaged again!

I met my fiance through work and he helped me to discover me again; and it became so obvious why my previous relationship didn’t work out. We moved in together (with family) in January 2013, and then moved in to our own place in March 2014. I was simply enjoying being in the new relationship, when we went on holiday in October 2014 and he proposed.

Now, my fiance is not the romantic type, he really isn’t. He doesn’t buy me flowers, or tell me how special how I am, or whatever else the Mr Darcy’s of this world do, but he is solid, dependable, he protects me and he shows me how much he loves me through small every day gestures. Our first valentines went by without him buying me anything, not even a card, but he did take me out for dinner the weekend after.

I’ve put the little description of my fiance’s romantic downfalls so that you can picture how romantic the proposal was…for him…and for us.

The Proposal.

The first full day of our holiday in Cyprus, we had dinner in our hotel and then he suggested going for a walk along the beach. The sun had set, and there was a slight breeze moving out across the beach. We found the route from the hotels restaurant down to the beach and took our shoes off so we could paddle our feet in the surprisingly warm water licking its way up the beach. After a little while of walking hand in hand he disappeared away from me, but I was still running in to the water and then running away as the tide chased my feet when he called over to me. He was knelt on one knee in the sand scratching his leg. As the dutiful girlfriend I stepped towards him to check his leg for any offending reason for the itch. As I informed him I couldn’t see anything to cause an itch he produced from behind his leg a box. His words were short and sweet, a simple “I love you, will you marry me?” and he opened the box to reveal a ring I couldn’t have chose better myself.

My #engagement ring #round cut #half carat

After accepting, and crying a little, we walked back along the beach hand in hand to the restaurant bar where we ordered…ha! not champagne! no! just a bottle of nice wine and told some people we had already met that we were engaged!

The ring however was four sizes too big (learnt how big it was upon arriving back form holiday and going to the jewelers to get it re-sized), so sadly I couldn’t wear the ring until a week after we came back from our holiday.

Wedding Plans

Originally the plan was to have a short engagement and to get married October 2015 (1 year after getting engaged), however, after doing our wedding spreadsheet we decided we needed long to save; therefore the date is set for Saturday 8th October 2016.

The wedding costs spreadsheet will be in my next post.