Finding Suppliers

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The hunt for wedding suppliers can be a complex, confusing and overwhelming mine field. Yes, you could just book in with the first you meet at a wedding fair, or with the photographer that was used at the last wedding you attended as a guest. But what if that isn’t what you want to do, or what if those photographers just don’t fall within your budget/ aren’t available on your date / you just didn’t really like them?

Thankfully, there is a way to get the photographers to come to you. You will still need to research them to make sure they are right for you, but it can make your search easier and less stressful, as you will know quickly if they are available on your date, are happy to work at your venue and if they are within your budget. 

Find A Wedding Photographer

Request quotes from photographers in your area by filling in the little quote application form on or you can browse the listings of photographers in your area. I didn’t submit a quote as I don’t currently have a genuine requirement for a photographer, but the quote request form is very quick and easy to fill in with just 7 fields. After submitting the quote request you will have photographers respond straight to your email inbox. Within 2 minutes of looking through the listings for photographers in my area I found a listing for a father and daughter photography team who advertise themselves as affordable with a price range of £500-£800.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

is another site where you can search the directory of wedding photographers in your area and request a quote. This site is a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the previous Wedding Supplier Bid Servicesone and, I would say seems easier to navigate too. There is 8 fields to fill in when requesting a quote, one of which is for you to give a link to some Pinterest inspiration you have found for the style of photos you’d like to achieve. Your Perfect Wedding will then request quotes from photographers they think would be ideal for you. You will then get the quotes emailed straight to you. When using the search function I managed to find Zak, based in Berkshire who offers 8 hours of coverage for less than £1000.

But what if you want a similar services for other wedding trades and suppliers too? 

Bidvine .com

Bidvine enables you to request bids from a rangeviting.  of people in your area for everything from plumbing to wedding floristry. You start by entering the ‘trade’ you’re looking for and your location. As soon as you’ve done this you’re asked to answer questions to enable them to bring you the right suppliers. It did feel like quite a few questions to be honest, some of which you may feel like you don’t know the answer for right now, but rest assured, it does let you select more than one option. When I had finished filling in the questions I was informed I should expect up to 7 bids within 4 days delivered straight to my inbox.

I used a site similar to these when searching for my wedding photographer. I ended up booking one of the people that emailed me with a quote based on my submitting a request. The website I registered on was… 

Trusted Local .com 

This website looks proper old and uninviting admittedly, but it helped me find my photographer Natalie so it can’t be too bad. Although, I did use this website in 2015, so there is a chance that this website might not be as good as it was. I’d still say it is worth submitting a request on though as it is another site where you can find and obtain quotes from a range of wedding professionals. Once you’re on Trusted Local, click on “Get Quotes: Find a Supplier” the use the search bar to find the category of supplier you need. Once it comes up click ‘Next’ and enter your postcode. you then get a message saying your job will be posted on their marketplace for suppliers in your area to find and reply to you. Once you’ve registered you complete your ‘job’ by advising for your wedding date, when you’d like replies by and you can give a good description of what you are looking for, think style wise etc, if you wish you can attached images of your inspiration, similar to When a supplier responds to your bid request you get an email, then view the bid response on the website.