What came after the amazing fork pom pom!

The Worlds Best MOH sped through making the pom poms once we mastered the fork technique; so much so that we had a very productive production line. At times I thought I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with my job of cutting the hoops and tidying the pom poms up.

Once we had used up all the wool I had making as many pom poms as we possibly could it was time to actually get making the button holes, bridal bouquet and wrist corsage’s.

Button Holes
One moment I was tidying some pom poms while watching an apparently tear-wrenching film, the next minute The Best MOH EVER was holding up towards me a wonderful button-hole. The film did not make me cry, but the button-hole did. I was so happy! I knew what I wanted to achieve but as someone who has less creativity than an armless gibbon I was sceptical that I would be able to achieve what I wanted to. But there in front of my eyes was the vision coming to life. It needed a few tweaks and finishing touches but she had done it! Just by having a little play around with the items we had in front of us.

pom pom button hole










All we had to do was wrap the stem in ribbon and make 4 more.

buttonholes autumn








It felt like a big achievement to have just got the buttonholes done!

We, however, had a lot more to do. The buttonholes were done – aka the easy part was over. Now it was on to the bouquet, which was deemed by us to be the next easiest thing.

Bridal bouquet pom pom








OK, so it isn’t quite finished in this photo, it looks a bit dark and look like it is definately lacking something… but we have the basic idea. I wanted to add some feathers to it, and I wanted to add more of the pearls that you can see at the back to the bouquet to add  more character to it.

The buttonholes and the bouquet were done on Saturday (it now being Sunday afternoon). The MOH and I didn’t finish until late on Saturday night. At about 10.30pm we decided to call it a night. We sat and watched a film with a glass of wine admiring our work.

Sunday morning saw my maid of honour wake up early as she always does to another day of wedding crafts.

Wrist Corsage’s
I had the belief that the wrist corsgae’s were going to be the hardest thing to make. Mainly because there are many people on the internet showing step by step guides on how to make a bouquet or a button-hole, but there aren’t many web pages dedicated to wrist corsage’s out there, especially not non flower wrist corsage’s. The un-known entity of what we were about to try and make was daunting but we were also determined.

I will be honest, the process was long and difficult. We didn’t agree on how to do it like we did with the bouquet and BH’s, and our communication broke down a little bit which did not help.

In the end we got there and this was the result of all our hard work.








We were both really happy with it and thought it turned out really well. So we just had to make a second one and we were done. What do you think? I would really love to know, so please comment and let me know 🙂

I will write-up a bit more instruction about how we made each thing and post more pictures of everything soon.

Get Creative

But only if you’re creative or know others who are. Play to your strengths when it comes to creativity for your wedding day. Are you great with your hands, just not very imaginative? Then print off templates to work with and copy an idea you have found in a magazine or on the internet. You can get templates for everything from invites and seating plans to cake decorating templates for cutting out icing shapes etc.

The reason doing it yourself is often cheaper is because the person who makes the product naturally and understandably wants to make a profit, so charge for the materials, their time to make the product and a little extra, where as if you do it yourself all you pay for is the materials.

Ideas for what you can make yourself:

  1. The wedding invitations and RSVP cards
  2. The table plan
  3. The seating plan
  4. Table numbers and names
  5. Table centre pieces
  6. Your and your BMs bouquets and the mens button holes etc
  7. Do your own hair and make up on the day
  8. Make your own wedding cake

Below I have listed and linked great sites to look at for amazing DIY wedding ideas:

DIY Wedding

My DIY wedding day

The Wedding Crafter – provides ideas and inspiration, the ability to buy craft supplies and free templates!

Your Table Plan – gives simply elegant and chic design ideas and tips on how to create a table plan. For an alternative twist on the classic seating plan please check out bohoweddingsandevents.com.

Thinking outside the Box

Saving money on your wedding day by being creative, doesn’t mean that you have to make things. You can be creative by thinking outside of the box, and therefore being more origional, which can be great savings.

The National Trust has venues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, everything from stately homes to ruin castles, marriage spaces both inside buildings and in beautiful outside spaces many at the fraction of the cost of more well known wedding venues.