9 days until I attend a Wedding!


In 9 days time I am attending a wedding! The wedding is the H2Bs Aunts second wedding. The venue is a hotel near by which is very popular for weddings within the local area. My aunt got married at the hotel 12 year ago, although I don’t remember much about the venue except my parents complaining about how expensive the drinks at the bar were.

I’m very excited about attending as I am a sucker for a good wedding. As most girls do I’ve bought myself a new dress from Phase Eight. It can be hard to choose the right outfit, and everyone has a different style, but I follow a few simple rules to make choosing an outfit a lot easier:

  • Do not wear a white dress
  • Do not wear a black dress (unless the colour theme has black in it or unless you are attending the evening only)
  • If you know the colour the bridesmaids are wearing, do not wear the same colour (as block colour)
  • Ensure your outfit is not too revealing

Following my rules I found my Phase Eight dress. I do not know the colour theme of the wedding as the invites gave no indication, but as the dress is patterned I don’t have to worry. I will be teaming the dress with grey sandals and a grey/sparkly clutch.

 In 2010 I attended my first wedding as an adult where I wore a knee length red dress then last year I attended three weddings – what a great year that was! 😀 The first wedding was a church ceremony in May, the H2B and I strangely enough attended the ceremony only. The other two weddings were both in August, but as one was the H2Bs family and the other a school friend of mine I decided to wear the same dress to both of the weddings in August. For the May wedding I wore a knee length pattered cream, black and orange dress and for the two in August I wore a plain navy blue knee length dress. I teamed the navy dress with a cream shrug, pink shoes and a pink clutch.
wedding guest dressI got a lot of compliments on the above dress – even from the Vicar of all people! I may go safe when it comes to the dresses I choose for attending as a guest, but the dresses are always well received from other people and I’ve never had to worry about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction being caught by the photographer.

After the wedding – in 9 days!!!! – I will post all about it. Watch this space for the wedding review.

Chanticleer Brides

My dream is to find a way to save up enough for a Chanticleer gown. If I couldn’t I pray I will be able to get one in a sample sale/end of line sale I would be one of the happiest Brides-2-B around!

If you are a Bride-2-B and use twitter you should check out #BrideHour which is every Thursday or #WeddingHour every Wednesday as I have met some wonderful suppliers while participating in these Twitter event. Chanticleer Brides is one of my favourite finds. My heart now belongs to one dress in-particular – ‘Sweet Briar’, however there are others I love nearly as much.

Sweet Briar http://www.chanticleerbrides.co.uk/

I think I’ll be popping to my local stockist later on this year to try this dream gown on.

Making of Bunting

This weekend my MOH and I got together for another weekend of wedding crafts. Some things that we want to get done, such as the Table Plan, Place Names and Menu’s etc can’t be done yet as the guest list is up in the air at the moment due to family issues relating to the afore-mentioned guest list. So we had to move onto the bunting.

The hardest part of the whole process was getting to grips with the sowing machine; as neither of us had handled a sowing machine since GCSE Design and Technology class.

Here are some pictures of us trying to set the sowing machine up for you to giggle at.

Now you’ve had a giggle at us, lets get down to the How To.

You will need:

  • Your chosen fabric (We had four different fabrics, green gingham check, plain cream, gold netting and brown netting)
  • Cardboard
  • Pinking scissors
  • Sowing machine etc
  • Pins
  • Bunting line

1) You need to create a triangle template out of cardboard to the desired size.

With the fabric you have chosen, layer two of the fabrics on top of each other and pin them along the top of the fabrics.

We layered them on top of each other so that it cut down on the labour time of cutting the fabric into the triangles. Don’t worry too much about holding the fabric taut when cutting around the triangles. We kept the fabric loose, so that the fabric triangles were slightly bigger than the cardboard template.

2) Once you have your triangles cut out you may want to choose a pattern for them so that you know how you are going to attach them onto your bunting line. The pattern we went for was; cream & brown, cream, green & gold, cream, green & brown, cream & gold, green etc. This gives you structure to what you are doing.

Once you have decided on your pattern you will then want to start pinning the triangles onto the bunting line.

As you pin the triangles onto the bunting line make sure you are evenly spacing the triangles on the line. We used a piece of cardboard to measure the spaces.

3) Start sowing the triangles of fabric onto the bunting line, removing the pins as you go.

I continuously sowed for the duration of three films. Free Willy, Free Willy 2 and Free Willy 3. Before I knew it I’d mounted up a fair pile of bunting.

Here is the finished product.

Hilhairdious Hair

DIY Hair

No bride wants hilarious or hideous hair (or I as have termed it Hilhairdious hair) on her wedding day.

When first contemplating how you would like your hair, it can be tempting to look at some lovely hair ideas, up do, down do, half up, half down, side bun, classic curls. But you’ve got to think who is going to do your hair, and how much are they going to charge for it?

Some brides decide to do their own hair. If you are thinking of going down this route make sure you practice. The more you practice, the less stressed out you will be when it comes to the big day, which will be important, as you may feel stressed out on the morning of your wedding enough, without adding to it by not knowing what you are doing with your hair, or being unsure of what you’re doing.

TIP: Check out You Tube for video tutorials on how you can achieve certain looks.
To get you started with a few ideas check these out:
Double Pony Tail Updo
Half up half down
Beautiful Bridal Curls with short hair

Trial a few different things, until you find something you can do and like, and take pictures of it so that you can look at those pictures on your first practice of it. It may help as well, to write down what products you used and print off and keep any inspiration pictures so that the next time you come to practice it you know better what you need to use and do to achieve that look again. I recommend to do this as when you are trialing a few different hair styles it can be easy to forget what you did and how it looked.

The next thing is to purely practice doing your favoured hair style until you can do it without thinking. This way you will be able to do it with ease on your wedding day.

Getting the Professionals in

It is common to start off with the intention of doing it yourself but then find that you don’t think you can achieve the look you want to on your own. What then? Well you can consider getting a friend who will be at your wedding (a BM or maybe your mum) to help you to achieve the look, or you may decide to try to find an affordable hair dresser.

If you have a regular hairdresser, ask them if they do wedding hair. Your regular hairdresser is used to working with your hair, and will know what they would be able to do with your hair and what would suit you. Not all hair dressers will do wedding hair, or will be able to commute to your venue, if you are wanting to have your hair done at your venue, so make sure you ask.

Once you’ve found a hair dresser make sure that you have trials to make sure that the hairdresser knows the look you are going for and so that you can find something that you like on YOU.  Looking for inspiration on the net is a good place to start, but your favourite hair idea on the net may not look good when done on you. A hair trial will also give your stylist an idea of how long it takes to do your hair so that you are able to book a time on the wedding morning for your hair to be done.


If you can’t find a hairdresser in your price bracket, why not pop down to your local college and have a hair styling trial with a student?

Students in their second or third year will have quite a lot of experience of styling hair, both their own and other peoples, and will be very willing to impress. Take your inspiration pictures to them and see what they can create. If you like what they do, ask them if they would like some paid work experience to do your bridal hair. By going for a student you are more likely for them to be happy to come to you, either in your home as you get ready, or to the venue if you are getting ready at your venue, and will be more likely to be able to have them for longer during the morning/day.

Due to the saving of opting for a student you could even ask them if they would do your BMs hair too!

Big Day Make-up

By looking at local colleges for students, I would also recommend getting a student make-up artist to do your make-up on the day. Do have a trial of your make-up though, as no one wants to feel like Cookie the Clown…even if it would keep the children entertained.

You may think you want really natural, barely there make-up for your day. If so get your MUA to do your makeup and then take pictures of you. You may change your mind on the type of makeup you want when you look back at the pictures of your trial. Professional photography can be harsh on the skin, so you may find you need  more on than you would normally wear day to day.

Make sure though, that you have some of the make-up that your MUA has used on you so that you can top it up when you want to as the day goes on.

Hair and make-up for you and your lovely BMs including trials all for a bargain price! Job Done!

LRT – Jewellery

To save a bit of money on your wedding ring, buy your wedding ring from the same place you bought your engagement ring. Most jewellers offer a 10% discount on your wedding ring if you tell them you bought your engagement ring from them too.

There is also the option of using your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. If you exchange your club card points into vouchers for Goldsmiths, you can then use your Goldsmiths vouchers to buy your wedding jewellery. Goldsmiths aren’t the cheapest jewellers on the highstreet but if you have found your perfect ring in there then there is no harm in saving some money.

Alternatively if you already know your size then you can order your ring online. Because the online shops don’t have the overheads of running a shop, and because there is a short handling line from the gold being dug out the ground to being in your possession they are often able to offer you fantastic jewellery for a fraction of the cost of what they can in the shops.
Think: Wedding Rings Direct, The Jewellery Company and Diamond Heaven.

My Wedding Ring

The search for my wedding ring was a long hard one. I struggled to find anything that I like that was in my budget and fitted with my e-ring. That is until a couple of weeks ago when the jewellers I bought my wedding ring from brough out seom new lines! As you know from my previous LRT post I found my perfct ring but it was in white gold. Well this new line included a yellow gold version of that ring!!!! = me unbelieveably happy!

^ ^ because who doesn’t love a lol cat 🙂

I picked up my ring today and I can’t stop looking at it. Plus because I got it from the same place I got my e-ring I got a 10% discount.

My Wedding Ring

Click, Flash, Snap

The uncles have had a few drinks, downing their last one, they make their way outside where one drops his trousers and there is a flash from behind, laughing and celebrating at their idea, another joins him and drops his trousers as another flash goes off. Inside the ceremony room children are running around taking snaps, unsure of what they are actually snapping, and too busy rushing around to stand still long enough to create a steady focus. A few weeks later as the Bride and Groom go to collect the results they begin to laugh but ultimately feel disappointed at what they see in front of them.

This is often the story that is created when disposable cameras are given out at weddings on the tables for guests to use to take pictures. 20/30 years ago, giving out disposable cameras for guests to use at a wedding was a good idea. It meant that the Bride and Groom got some nice, informal pictures of their guests that they wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Now a days disposable cameras are nothing but a waste of money for the budget bride.

You are looking at about £2 per disposable camera and then £3.50 ish per camera to process them. To buy and process 10 cameras you’re looking at £55.

Disposable Camera

Aside from the cost there is the point of how useless they are when most people, if not all have either a digital camera or camera phone, that has a zoom, better pixel-ation and different modes they can use depending on the photo conditions, inside, outside, dark etc. Your guests will be able to take much better pictures with their digital cameras than they ever will be able to with disposable point and snaps. Plus they will give you copies for free, emailing them to you and often putting the pictures on Facebook.

Not to mention that the majority of people who use disposable cameras at weddings are children, who run around snapping people, with their fingers over the lens or moving the camera so that it is too fuzzy to make out who is in the picture, or drunk men who take pictures of themselves mooning.

My sister in-law and brother in-law felt pressured into having disposable cameras at their wedding, which they say to this day was a waste of time and money as loads of guests had their own digital cameras that they were using. They never even got them developed.

Therefore I am campaigning for any bride, not just the budget bride to step away from the disposable cameras, and to for once, trust your guests to be able to take some pictures and give them to you after the wedding.

Did you have disposable cameras on the tables at your wedding? Do you regret or are you really glad you decided to provide them? Please comment with your thoughts as I’d love to hear from you.